Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Welcome to my food adventure!

Starting this blog to write about yummy food, review restaurants that we've been to, and to amass good recipes to share!

This blog will hopefully cover food from all over the world, and eating places from the bay area in California, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.
No doubt this blog is just a reflection of my own tastes, that have been influenced by my family background in Hong Kong and Singapore, and spending much time in London and California. I am self-admittedly a very picky eater, and find it hard to digest food that tastes bad.

To me, food is just like art. Wonders can erupt from the complementation of opposites, and flavours don't have to be too intense; subtleties have their charms too! And good food doesn't have to be expensive. Street-side stalls can sometimes trump star-rated restaurants at their game.

Hope you enjoy hitching a ride on my food adventure!


"because I'll rather die full than hungry"

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