Monday, 8 October 2012

Just chillin'

I know I haven't written in a while, and this post isn't going to be about food either.
Lately I've noticed a change in my attitude toward people and encounters, from a particular, impatient attitude to one that is more 'zen'. I don't get as frustrated when I have to wait long in line, when the driver in front is being an asshole, when people are being rude.  I just take out my book and read, shake my head, laugh it off and change lane, or just ignore and shrug them off.
I wonder if it's got to do with having lived in London and California, losing some of that mad-rush I-don't-care-I-have-somewhere-to-go / i-must-have-an-issue-with-everyone mentality from Asia, or just a process of growing up? Nevertheless, acquiring the ability to choose what I should be truly expending my energy on has made me a happier, more carefree person. And I think everyone should do that too -- after all, getting angry with the random person who bumped into you and didn't say sorry will only bring you grief, while they just move on with their lives unconcerned.