Thursday, 6 September 2012

Little (not) pig little pig

We went hiking at the Rancho San Antonio Open Space Reserve on Sunday, and saw some interesting stuff!
First, there was a model airplane flying area with lots of cool airplanes doing tricks.
Second, there was a farm in the middle of the reserve with goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc.! It was the first time the boyfriend has seen a live pig, so it was quite an experience. One would have thought that pigs were small and cute like in the Babe movie, but they are actually quite huge, most probably bigger than I am. There was a pink pig and a black one. The black one reminded us of black pig pork. Yum.

New oven is here!

Spanking new oven set, now with 4 ventilation fan settings, self-timing oven and a shiny ceramic top stove, whee!

Indo Cafe (Saratoga)

This is a small Indonesian family restaurant/caterer tucked away in a back alley of Saratoga downtown. Despite all, it is surprisingly delicious! The food isn't too expensive too. We've only been there twice but were impressed on both trips. The Nasi Goreng was ridiculously and yummyliciously spicy, as is their Nasi Kuning and Nasi Uduk. My favorite is the fried whole egg with sweet chili, yum yum yum!!
The Nasi -- plates taste like nasi lemak when added with chili! The rendang is Indonesian-style,  different from Malay-style, so we weren't used to the taste. But the chicken and potato patty is yummy!
We tried the curry puffs and otah-otah, but weren't super duper impressed. So we'll just go there for main courses!

Disclaimer: beware of post-meal food coma

14443 Big Basin Way
SaratogaCA 95070
To go to the restaurant, turn right upon entering Saratoga downtown into the public carpark. The restaurant is close to the second set of lots, next to the UPS store.