Thursday, 28 February 2013

Funny post about how lunch can make or break your day..

Thursday, 21 February 2013

My first Omu Rice!

Made my first omu* rice today =) Paired it with japanese curry, what a simple yet delicious dinner!

*translation: Omelette-wrapped rice 


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Things don't have to be perfect to have a good time..

Sometimes we think that, to have a good time, the event we had planned must execute perfectly. I don't deny occasions when I've become a wet towel when things didn't go as I had anticipated. But one should realize, most of the time, it's not the things you do, but the people and the time that you spend doing those things with, that really make all the difference!

During my last trip to Hong Kong, my mother and I tried to make pork floss springrolls for our family. It turned out to be a frustrating process, as the springroll skin from the supermarket was too dry to roll and stick to itself. Nevertheless, it was one of the most memorable experiences I've had this trip, amid all the family visits and catching up with old friends, because we just ended up having fun making different shapes and experimenting with what would work with the skin (read: creativity at work!). Also it was a rare time where I could sit down with my mum and make things with her (I'm away so much during the year), so it really meant a lot to me.

The photos probably doesn't look like much, but the feelings behind them weigh a ton.